Ávila is situated in the region of Castilla y León, just an hour from Madrid. The city, although small, is rich in history, so much that it has been recognised as a world heritage site.

Ávila is said to be one of the safest cities in Spain. And it is the cradle of “Castilian” – the official Spanish which is spoken here.

With its many tapas bars, restaurants, festivals, music events, etc. Ávila offers an experience of an absolute authentic Spain. You will have many opportunities to interact with locals and practise your Spanish. Ávila is not overly populated with tourists and can therefore offer a flavour of the real Castilian Spain.

Ávila also has a very healthy climate; it is fairly dry and almost always sunny, although not too hot, due to its altitude!

Furthermore, visit Ávila´s surroundings; for example, the Sierra de Gredos has a beautiful natural environment and a unique fauna and flora.

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