• It is not necessary but recommended that you have some basic knowledge. However, feel free to contact us regarding your level of Spanish and the course/s you are interested in.
  • After a welcome you will sit a short test in order to assess your level of Spanish.
  • If you are enrolled into a ‘course for two’ or ‘private lessons’ you may start immediately.
  • IEMA material has been designed according to the 6 general levels of the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ and is divided into weekly progress. After each week with us you will be assessed and, depending on your progress, you can advance to the next level.
  • Progress does partly depend on your own participation but private lessons are always available if you feel you need a more intensive course.
  • We evaluate your progress throughout the process and it is based on the criteria of the ‘Common European Framework’. Everything focuses on the objective of reaching a level of efficient communication.
  • All accommodation will be organised before your arrival and you will be informed where you’re staying before you arrive (address, phone number, e-mail etc.).
  • All host families must pass our selection procedure and are therefore extremely kind and many have years of experience working with us. It is very unlikely that you will encounter any problems, however, if you do feel worried upon arrival we always have staff on hand to help resolve any issues.
  • Host families are located between 10 – 35 minutes walking distance from the school. In exceptional cases, some families may be located further away.
  • There is an extra cost to have your clothes washed and the amount is the same regardless of whether you do a wash once or every day. The host family will usually offer to do this for you, but you will be asked to pay.
  • Please inform us of your dietary requirements at the very beginning of making our arrangements along with if you have any specific needs (you don’t like pets etc.) so that we can place you with the best suited host family. Some services may require an extra cost.
  • It is useful to bring a dictionary, a notepad and laptop/tablet.
  • Our classes are very relaxed so bring comfortable clothes and check the weather forecast before you come.
  • Flights are to Madrid or Valladolid, then it is easy to take a bus, train or taxi to Ávila (1 ½ hours).
  • Feel free to contact us if you would like any advice on the best methods of transport.
  • If there are any problems please contact our secretary immediately. Please ask for our emergency phone number as soon as you arrive.
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