We would like to inform you about your rights and how we manage your personal data under the new (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the 27th April 2016 regarding the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/ECl ( which came into force on 25 May 2018. This new regulation provides you with better protection regarding the treatment of your personal data.

According to the new regulation, your personal data is safely kept and treated in a folder containing all the personal data of our clients, prospective customers and people interested in IEMA services. Address and contact: calle Martín Carramolino, 6, 05001 Ávila, Spain, e-mail contact: contacto (@) iema . com.

Intended purpose: your personal data is collected in the aforementioned folder in order to inform you in writing or by telephone about any relevant information regarding cultural and educational services which are of interest to you or necessary in order that you are able to undertake any booked services. IEMA has obtained the information by means of a form (contact or application form) which you have transmitted to IEMA, by telephone, through information which is available on the internet, or through any other means authorised by you.

Authorization, Legitimation: the owner of the personal data must allow explicitly that his/her personal data may be stored in the mentioned database, showing explicitly his/her consent before transmitting those by means of a form to IEMA. The legal basis for the collection, storing and treating of his/her personal data is in his/her consent, which may be withdrawn at any time when s/he wishes to do so.

Obligation of confidentiality and security: IEMA commits itself to maintain privacy regarding the transmitted personal data as well as to store them in a safe way to avoid the loss of this data, and unauthorised access to treat, change or use them in any way, by adopting the adequate corresponding technical and organisational methods.

Duration of storage and use of your personal data: your personal data will be stored strictly for the duration for which it is necessary to carry out the aforementioned intended purpose and as long as the consent of the owner exists, and no revocation has been expressed and received at the mentioned contact addresses.

Beneficiary: The personal data will not be transmitted to third parties, except in specific cases when IEMA would be obliged to do so by law.

Rights: you are entitled to request a confirmation regarding whether your personal data is stored in our database and/or if we treat it. You may access your personal data, rectify and amend it if there is an error, you may update it or request deletion if it is no longer necessary to satisfy the intended purpose. Under certain circumstances you may request a limited usage of your personal data, in this case IEMA will use them only for complaint management and other legal purposes. In case of specific personal circumstances you may oppose yourself to the storage of your personal data. In all cases, you may contact IEMA at the mentioned addresses in order to exercise your rights.

Cookies: IEMA may use “Cookies” if an internet user visits a website owned by IEMA. “Cookies” are files or programmes which are sent to a browser through a server in order to facilitate the user to use the internet and to record this use. However, cookies do not collect personal data. The user may programme his/her browser to be informed when s/he has been in contact with cookies. The user may inhibit the installation of cookies, and in this case s/he has to follow the indications/use the tools of his/her browser.